Finding great educational resources can be a challenge as a student. Here is a quick guide to 5 awesome tools to help you on your educational journey.

#1 Quizlet

Quizlet is an awesome tool to help you create flashcards for studying any material. The best part of Quizlet though, users around the world and at different universities and schools have made Quizlets for classes and tests already. Just hit the browse button or search and you may have just saved yourself hours of prep work.

#2 Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is an incredibly powerful tool for data-driven problems. Math problems become a breeze, search chemical…

History of Standardized Testing

Developed in early China, standardizing testing has been used throughout the centuries to judge how well people conform to an ideal. In the United States, however, history points us to the mid-1800s where we begin to see the introduction of formal assessments to understand more holistically what a student knows.

Teaching as a profession was not a career commonly chosen by people who were educated. In fact, almost anyone without any certain skill could become a teacher.

In 1837 an individual named Horace Mann became the Secretary of Education in Massachusetts and would end up changing the way we evaluate…

Chris Nicolas

Education Entrepreneur | Founder of Startclass

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